Stephan Templ entering Simmering jail, 5 October 2015

About the Stephan Templ Case

Stephan Templ is an Austrian citizen, author, and journalist who was jailed by Austria because of a restitution claim he made on behalf of his mother for Nazi-looted property.

Austria’s claim of a right of ownership to a property ripped from the hands of its Jewish owners by the Third Reich is an obscene violation of the duty of restitution. The very basis of the belatedly introduced restitution process is that the one party who has no right to this property (and all others looted following the Anschluss) is the state of Austria. Its claim to the property is nothing less than an extension of the criminally false narrative that Austria was the first victim of Adolf Hitler.

Excerpts of the book Stephan Templ co-wrote with Tina Walzer are reproduced with permission here. 

This website, which is maintained by his international counsel at Amsterdam & Partners LLP, features information and documentation about the case. If you are a member of the media and wish to get in touch, please use the contact form.


One thought on “About the Stephan Templ Case”

  1. I find Stephan Templ’s predicament almost unbelievable — Austria was assumed to have moved beyond this kind of vindictive behavior towards jews by 2015. I can hardly believe Temple is in jail for such a dubious legal reason.

    Second comment: His book is very interesting, but almost
    impossible to find. It sells for $300 + on Amazon and is not for sale
    anywhere else. The book seems to be out of print and there are no used copies. What happened to this book? I would definitely buy
    one if the price came down to $50, for instance. I visit Vienna often
    and would like to use this book. If you know of any available copies, please let me know.

    Steve Zelditch

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