How To Evolve Haunter Legends Arceus Without Trading

  • The pokemon game now allows players to evolve Pokemon without trading.
  • You can now evolve Haunter in the newly released Arceus game by discovering the pokemon through crimson merelands, corenet highland, or the Alabaster Iceland region.

Since the launch of the Pokemon game, the developers of the game had restricted the evolution of haunter legends through a system of trading Pokemons. What this implies is that fans of the pokemon game must always make purchases in the game. 

Trading can only be achieved when multiple players trade their pokemon in the game. This process enables the opponent pokemon to evolve to its fullest form. For example, if you are trying to evolve the Haunter Pokemon, you are going to trade a Pokemon you have for a new Pokemon.

Given a situation where you miss your formerly owned pokemon, you can use the trading system to evolve a different pokemon. What this implies is that you always use this trading method whenever you want to evolve a Pokemon of your choice.

Recent developments have shown pokemon can be evolved with the use of wi-fi for faster trading of pokemon, and you can also use this method to trade your pokemon internationally and without limits. 

The world is constantly evolving, and you don’t need to purchase cables in the Pokemon game in other to evolve haunters into Gengars. This publication will explain how to bypass the trading system and evolve Haunter with ease.

The Pokemon game developers had devised a proven method that fans of the pokemon game can use to evolve their favorite pokemon without the need for trading with two or more people. You can get diverse pokemon just by performing simple tasks in the game.

The newly released pokemon (Arceus) has a new look with features that differentiate it from other pokemon legends games. It’s important to note that some characters remain unchanged in the game, such as the pocket monsters that can be traded online for merit points to evolve into a pokemon of your choice.

That erases the need of having a friend before you can trade and evolve a Pokemon has been abolished because you only need to collect specific items and use your collectibles to evolve the pokemon of your choice. 

However, do note that diverse pokemon have diverse conditions binding them before they can be evolved. That is each pokemon requires you to have previously collected different items before you can then use them in the game.

How To Evolve Haunter Legends Arceus Without Trading

Evolving Haunter in other to get Genga, Gastly is probably one of the coolest things to try out in the pokemon game. Before you get started on monopolizing the evolving process of the pokemon legends Arceus game, you are required to first get Haunter and evolve to a pokemon of your choice. Alternatively, you can get a different pokemon such as the and use its acquired pokemon to evolve a different pokemon.

Whenever you are on the lookout for pokemon like Haunter, you are expected to restrict your search to three geographical zones.

For example, if you happen to find yourself in the crimson mirelands, you can discover pokemon, ensure you examine the Golden lowlands, shrouded ruins, or look into the coronet prairie.

If you happen to find yourself in the corenet highland, ensure you navigate through the Celestica ruins, bolderoll plaza, or the sacred plaza in search of pokemon.

If you find yourself in Alabaster Iceland, ensure you check the bone chill wastes. In addition, it’s important to note that pokemon such as Hauntee or Gastly are more likely to appear when it’s dark compared to the daylight because of their ghost nature. Ensure you are patient enough by relaxing at any base camp before you continue with the search for the ghost-like pokemon at night.

If you are lucky to catch Gastly, you can evolve the pokemon to Haunter in the nearest future. The only condition attached to this process is that the evolution will only be complete in level 25.

Evolving Into Gengar Without Trading

Judging by history, it’s more difficult and frustrating to evolve Gengar in the pokemon game, and it was difficult even when people could trade their pokemon from any part of the world.

In other to achieve evolving Gengar, players were expected to sell out their Haunter to another player before it will evolve into Gengar. However, you don’t have to go through the trading process anymore, but some players still prefer to unlock Gengar through the trading mechanism where they will sell their Haunter to another player in other to evolve Haunter into Gengar. If you prefer the trading system, you can perform the trade in Jublife village.

Most people find it hard to evolve Gengar since the game developers slashed out the multiplayer feature in the latest update of the pokemon legends game. Since the introduction of the single-player policy, you can utilize the linking cords to evolve Pokemon like Gengar.

The linking cords are symbolic of historic linking cords found in Game boy games. The linking cables can he use the linking cables on Haunter, in turn, you’ll get Gengar. 

This is by far the easiest method of evolving a pokemon like Gengar. However, the linking cord and other items that aid evolution can not be found easily. However, you don’t have to search through the crooks and corners of the pokemon game before discovering the linking cord.

You can get a linking cable through the traditional method of trading. However, you are not going to be trading with a friend but will be converting your merit point for the linking cord in the online trading section.

Alternatively, linking cords can be found as items in the game. There are situations where you will see space-time distortions and you can always find the linking cables in them.

In addition, you can collect linking cords as a reward when you are getting to know ghosts. 


In summary, the linking cords are what can be used to get Gengar in the pokemon game., and you can always integrate the same method when you want to evolve other pokemon such as Kadabra and Machoke.

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