How To Get Eevee In Pokemon Gold & Silver

  • The developers of the pokemon game have released different series and updates on the pokemon game, and the Gold and silver series is expected to be the final series.
  • You can get Eevee in Pokemon gold and silver when you access the pokemon center, where you’ll then get a free Eevee.

It’s no longer news that Pokemon games are one of the most played on the Nintendo game console. Before the birth of Pokemon Gold and silver, there was the pokemon Let’s go Pikachu and Eevee, and they both are huge successes in the Pokemon franchise. 

According to statistics, the pokemon Eevee game recorded over 10 million sales in the year 2021, and the game was one of the first games to get released on the Nintendo console game.

The official developers of the Pokemon Gold and silver game are gamefreak, and they’ve successfully series of pokemon games with exciting storylines to keep users playing. The Gold and silver version of the pokemon game is expected to be the end of the Pokemon series.

The gold and silver version features two alternate regions for players to choose from. Although there is the diverse pokemon character to choose from, newbies are recommended to select the Togepi and Marill pokemon for a better chance at playing the game.

It is difficult for the enemy to capture the two of the aforementioned pokemon characters. A lot of fans from around the world have tried out the two characters, and have asserted that the Togepi and Marill characters are the best characters anyone can choose to play as in the pokemon game.

Before the launch of the final series of the pokemon game, Togepi has been integrated into the game after hatching an egg and has since remained an iconic character in the pokemon game.

Another notable character in the pokemon game is the water fairy Pokemon popularly known as Marill. This pokemon was introduced back in the year 1999 and has since played an essential role in the game. Togepi and Marill have been the favorite of most players.

Pickachu and Eevee are important characters in the game, and they are known for their job position as a mascot. The characters were creatively designed with their evident strength features which makes them stand out from other pokemon characters.

Phanpy and Teddiursa are unique because they both have no features in common. The phanpy character is mostly found in the ground while the latter is like every normal pokemon. 

Togepi and Marill have however been famous in the anime part of the game before they were integrated into the game as mascots. The Togepi and Marill characters are commendable and the best characters for all age groups because of their appearance.

The phanpy and Teddiursa game are also known as one of the best characters anyone can try out while having an appearance in the movie and game. Players who are hoping to explore new characters can try out the Phanpy and Teddiursa characters.

Over the years, we’ve seen the game developers integrate a policy of stopping the creation of new mascots, but have instead continuously improved their previously created mascots. An example of this is the Pikachu and Eevee Pokemon type, and they’ve increasingly got famous worldwide since their launch.

How To Get Eevee In Pokemon Gold And Silver

Getting Eevee in the Pokemon Gold and silver game is only achievable after a player has successfully passed level 20. However, you can get Eevee while playing on the virtual console. This occurs when you can navigate your way to Ekruteak city in the game, and then you access the pokemon center. 

You’ll thus meet a character named Bill in the Pokemon center, you are going to strike up a conversation with him and follow him to his house where you will get Eevee for free.

As mentioned above, you can’t use Eevee in the game unless you’ve successfully passed level 20 in the game while each stage in the game has its level of difficulty and confusion.

Every Eeveelution in the game often introduces new valuables such as low BT STAB moves at levels 16-4. What this implies is that you can’t acquire these moves, thus causing you to remain stuck in STAB. This may be annoying even then there are TM’s available. TM’s are often more difficult to acquire and are mostly found in Kanto.

In other to acquire Eevee in the pokemon game, you are expected to visit the city of Goldenrod (also known as the pokemon center. Grab a young Eevee, and breed or evolve the character, and you’ll be free to use the character with no boundaries.

However, players are expected to be conversant with trading between GEN I and II in the game. You may not be able to acquire GEN I eeveelutions until Kanto unless you have trading sense amongst GEN I, and II. Players will only get 1 rare evolutionary stone and they are expected to be used wisely.

You can strategize with a friend on how to use items and characters in the game to achieve your objectives in the pokemon game.

Key Takeaways In Evolving EEVEE In Pokemon Gold And Silver

Players who are interested in using the Jolteon or Espeon character are required to take a pause when trying to acquire Eevee. Players who want to achieve this are expected to have lots of patience and should be temperant enough to wait until level 30 before they acquire Eevee.

Although Eevee is widely famous for his bites and beautiful design, the Jolteon character is a better version of Eevee while quick reflex and better kicks.

The Jolteon bite is also better than the Eevee bite in the pokemon game.

Players who acquire the Eevee before Jolteon and Espeon can evolve Eevee into Jolteon or Espeon. However, the character will be limited from performing some functions such as not being able to utilize his psychic moves.

Breeding your Eevee enables you to have a more friend base.

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