How To Get Epona In Ocarina Of Time

Ocarina of time has been existing for over 3 decades and the creators of the game had launched loads of quests to keep players on their screens, and you can learn how to get Epona in Ocarina of time.

The game set a standard for most action-adventure games that we currently see in the present-day world. There may have not been addictive action games if not for the creators of the Ocarina game, and the game has since maintained its relevance status since its launch.

There have also been diverse versions of the Ocarina Of Time game such as the Hyrule. The game version may not be as popular as other action games that you know, but the game is a great game for anyone in search of some action and adventure.

Newbies who are trying out the Ocarina of Time game may miss some important parts of the game, such as knowing how to get Epona amongst others. This publication will explain in detail all you need to know about getting Epona.

The more you explore the Ocarina of Time game, the more you’ll get to understand how the game works, and all its in-depth secrets.

You can also take part in the side quests in the game such as the Lon Lon ranch, Epona side quests, etc. Most people may find it shocking to know that quests like Epona are not compulsory, and are not needed to advance.

The game is filled with loads of thrilling adventures, and the dread of surfing through the forest at late night. Link is accustomed to climbing on horseback while riding across the sands in the wild. However, acquiring a horse does not come cheap in the Ocarina of time game.

Before you can think of unlocking a horse that you can ride around, you have to undergo a process or meet the criteria set by the game developer such as completing tasks. These tasks may not be too difficult, and you will be guaranteed of receiving a horse reward when completed.

Once you’re able to get Epona you can return to Lon Lon ranch and go against Malon where you’ll be required to beat Malone within a speculated period. It is however a short time and it’s thrilling for you to try it out if you are yet to do so. 

If you are however able to successfully beat Malone at her own game within that short period, you will gain access to a cow which will serve as a source of unlimited delicious milk that you can use all through your quests.

How To Get Epona In Ocarina Of Time

Before you start this quest, you are expected to carry out some underground activities such as meeting with Princess Zelda. While you’re trying to find Princess Zelda, you will get to meet Malon on the way and you should watch out for Malon when you are close to Hyrule castle town. 

Strike a conversation with Malon, and inquire about her dad, who’s on a journey before you proceed to the castle in search of Princess Zelda. However, you will be required to go to the market town square before you proceed with your journey to the castle.

You are going to have another encounter with Malon on your way to the castle, where you will strike up another conversation with her and she will be kind enough to give you an egg. Although the gift may seem awkward, you are expected to receive it in good faith.

Once you’re able to successfully make it to the castle, you will be required to find a way to bypass the guards or sneak through while the guards are distracted. Getting caught by the guard will be disastrous, and you should ensure that does not happen.

Keep on walking until you find a man near the waterfall, where you will then wait for a few seconds in other for the egg Malone gave you to hatch, and the egg will hatch at any time of the day.

Once your egg hatches, give the sleeping man the content of the egg and he should wake up. And here’s the twist of the story: the sleeping man is Malon’s dad and the owner of Lon Lon ranch. Once he’s awoken, he will return to his ranch where he will continue his sleep.

Before you can get Epona, you have to make friends with Epona by learning Epona’s song and replaying it where a mini Epona will approach you to become friends. You however do not get Epona almost immediately, as you still need to proceed with your adventure.

Once young Link starts growing older and observing changes in his body, then it may be appropriate to return to Lon Lon ranch to get Epona.

Here comes the part where you’ll ride on a horse by paying the Great Ganondorf where you’ll then select your preferred horse.

Proceed to the castle and replay Epona’s song, and she will come to meet you and you can practice riding with her. Thereafter you’ll encounter Info where he will offer you how to make money by gambling. However, ensure you gamble responsibly and do not use all your carrots at the same time when gambling.

Once you’re able to Ingo at his game, he will raise the stakes of the game, and another win at Ingo guarantees you Epona which was supposed to be presented to Malon’s dad. Do ensure that you do not rush your carrot usage when gambling with ingo in other to achieve your aim.

However, Ingo will not want you to leave with Epona just like that, and he is most likely to protest. Once this occurs, use your remaining carrots to place another bet before jumping over the gates to escape.

What Happens If Epona Dies?

Epona is a key character in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. If she dies in the game, the player must restart the entire game from the beginning. In order to prevent this from happening, the player must protect Epona at all costs. If she is damaged, the player must heal her as soon as possible. Epona is also susceptible to getting lost. If she gets lost, the player must find her as soon as possible and protect her from any danger. If Epona dies, the player must start the game over from the beginning.

How To Beat The Running Man In Ocarina Of Time

The running man is not popularly known in the game but has the reputation of being super fast. The link character can always go against the running man in a racing competition while standing less than a 40% chance of actually beating him because of his speed abilities, and the closest link can get is losing by a split of seconds.

Rumour has it that some advanced players have defeated the running man in the past while providing photo proofs to back up their claims. Meanwhile, some person’s argued that the photo proofs are fake, and should be ignored.

The fact remains that the running man cannot be defeated by link because the running man’s purpose in the game is to serve as a trainer to link in others to improve his speed potential. The running man will always win the race whenever a racing battle erupts.


This article has shown you the simple method to get Epona In Ocarina Of Time. If you encounter any issue or have questions, drop them in the comment section.

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