How To Long Jump In Super Mario 64

Learning to start a long jump in the super Mario game will save you time and enable you to avert potential dangers.

You can perform a long jump in the super Mario game when you have your Mario character in running mode, and you select the ZL and A buttons to initiate a long jump.

Super Mario made its debut in 1981 and has since been incorporated into mobile games, and we recently saw the launch of the super Mario movie in 2022. The super Mario game has always been loved by virtually all households across the world because of its unique design.

Learning how to long jump in the super Mario 64 game enables players to scale through obstacles and cover more ground during playing the game.

Although the super Mario game was widely famous around the world, it was not everybody that was privileged to play the super Mario game because most people were not presented with the chance of trying out a game like super Mario because of one reason or the other.

The storyline behind the game features a man dressed in a plumber costume and incredibly agile and skillful when it comes to jumping from point A to point B. Using the game as a case study, the plumber has diverse types of jumps that it used to scale through challenges and obstacles.

The super Mario game made a lot of adults’ childhood days interesting because the game was addictive and adventurous. The super Mario game was probably one of the best gift items that you can get a child back in the days before the introduction of other arcades, racing, combat, and other types of game genres.

While growing up, Peter was one of the happiest kids in the hood when he received a super Mario game from his uncle as a birthday present in 1996. He cherished the game, and he still admits that the gift remains one of the best gifts he’s ever received in his lifetime.

The super Mario game also enables players to think quickly about how to avert possible dangers and obstacles in the game. A friend of mine named Ann says the super Mario game enables her to understand the effects of making a bad choice in life through the super Mario game. For example, she added that making a bad such in life such as in the Super Mario game, she understands that she’s going to get burned if she refuses to decide at the appropriate time.

However, people who are obsessed with playing the super Mario game are advised to have their parents or guardian monitor them in other to not limit their productivity status.

This publication seeks to examine how to long jump in the super Mario game because some people may not remember how it works after not playing the game for a long while, and newbies who are trying out the super Mario game may want to learn how how to long jump effectively in the game.

How To Long Jump In Super Mario 64

You can long jump in the super Mario 64 game when you tap on the ZL button. This will automatically send the Mario sliding, and while this is ongoing you can additionally press the A button to launch your Mario forward. That is you combine the ZL command and integrate the A button to get Mario launched forward.

Once you’re able to achieve this successfully, Mario will make a joyful sound where it will yell “Yahoooooooooooo!!!” after launching itself forward.

You can achieve multiple long jumps at regular intervals when you keep your thumbs ok the ZL button and by pressing A consecutively. However, players are advised to be careful while launching themselves forward in other to not launch Mario across the edge of the game and thereby end the game.

You can practice how to long jump effectively when you are not close to a cliff area where you can easily fall off a pit when you miscalculate your jumping skills or abilities. One of the best places to practice how high or far you can jump while running is when you find yourself at the beginning of the game with fewer obstacles.

How To Perform A Long Jump In Super Mario 64 On Nintendo Switch

You can achieve a long jump in the super Mario game when playing on your Nintendo Switch, the process of initiating a high jump may be different when compared to how you perform a high jump on a different game console.

However, the same process applies because you only need to utilize the ZL button while your Mario is running, and the A button to get it jumping forward.

Benefits Of The Long Jump In Super Mario 64

  1. The long jump enables the Mario character to be able to jump forward and cover a few meters with just a single jump. The long jump is also very useful when you want your character to scale larger gaps. For example, if there’s an obstacle or a dangerous pit in a way that may affect Mario’s lifespan, the long jump allows Mario to avert such potential danger.
  2. The long jump is also useful when you are trying to beat the clock since the long jump usually helps gives Mario a boost forward, you can utilize Mario’s jumping abilities to cover more ground quickly and beat the clock. Given an example where you are playing the Mario game with friends, and a time limit was stipulated to see how you can play undo pressure, you can activate the long jumps to complete the level faster.
  3. The long jumps are also useful for unlocking rewards and coins in the game. Activating the long jump enables Mario to glitch through walls and receive rewards that are hidden in them. You can also get to power up faster when you unlock one of the rewards in the game quickly.


The long jumps may look different in diverse versions of the Super Mario game. However, the reason for the long jumps has since remained unchanged. Irrespective of whether you’re playing super Mario 64, Super Mario Galaxy, Super Mario 2, and many more, the long jump serves the same purpose.

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