How To Reset Dr Mario 64

  • Resetting the Dr. Mario game can be achieved by erasing all previously saved data on the Dr. Mario 64 game.
  • You can erase existing data and reset Dr. Mario 64 game by pressing A>B>X>Y>L>R on your control pad at the same time, while you wait for a confirmation to appear on your screen. 

The Mario game has been in existence for over 3 decades, and the world is still talking about diverse versions of the Mario game in 2022 with lots of adventures and different storyline options to choose from.

The Dr. Mario 64 game is probably one of the best adventure games you will try out on your game console, and players have reportedly asserted that the game is addictive. People who love combat, sport, and adventure games often like Dr. Mario 64 game.

Like all addictive games, the Dr. Mario game is accepted by all age groups because of its unique storyline, adventures, and multiplayer mode where you can play With friends and family. You can also try out different modes in the game such as the versus mode.

Resetting the Dr. Mario 64 game is easy as you only need to tap your control pad less than 7 times in other to get it done. You do not require external help in achieving this task. Restarting the Dr Mario game may also be a result of a mistake that was made by the player while playing the game.

Unlike most games trending in the world today where you can view or modify file data by pressing on the menu option and performing the reset option in less than 3 clicks. The Dr. Mario game does not provide players with the opportunity of being able to restart the game with less than 3 clicks.

If you are a big fan of the Dr. Mario 64 game or a newbie and you’re probably wondering if it’s possible to reset the Dr. Mario 64 game without requiring external support. The answer to your question will be provided in this publication.

How To Reset Dr Mario 64 Game

Resetting Dr Mario 64 game is easy, and not impossible as rumored by most people. You can restart the game for whatever reason that suits your need.

To get started with restarting the Dr. Mario 64 game, you are required to delete every existing data on your Nintendo console. However, it’s best to understand that deleting all previously saved data will automatically wipe off all your progress in the game.

You can thus erase the previously saved data on the Dr. Mario game by pressing the A button, B button, X button, Y button, L button, and R button on your control pad simultaneously. Do note that you are expected to be proactive while pressing all of the aforementioned buttons in other to initiate the command on your game console.

If done right, you will see a confirmation on your screen where the Nintendo logo will be displayed on the upper part of your screen, and then the title screen appears. The second you see the Nintendo logo on your screen, you can be assured that you’ve been able to successfully erase all saved data on the Dr. Mario game.

Once the above process is completed, the Dr. Mario game will automatically reset and start afresh with basic character.

How To Unlock Characters After Resetting Dr. Mario 64 Game

The second you erase all the data on the Dr. Mario game, you will lose access to your previously saved progress and that includes your unlocked characters. The good news is that you can get to unlock all the characters again with ease.

We are going to be examining the most efficient methods of unlocking lost characters in the Dr. Mario 64 game in this publication.

  • Unlocking Vampire Wario:

Vampire Wario is one of the most loved characters in the Super Mario game. However, if you’ve previously unlocked the vampire Wario character in Dr. Mario 64 game, you should understand that the vampire Mario character can only be unlocked after performing certain tasks in the game.

Tasks such as setting the game to its normal or maximum difficulty level, and completing the story mode in the game. Completing the story mode is a continuous process filled with loads of thrills and adventures and you are mostly going to enjoy playing.

If you’re trying to unlock Vampire Wario, you have to ensure you complete the story mode without failing. While trying to unlock Vampire Wario if you happen to fail, simply restart the game once again and start the story mode once again.

Once you’re able to successfully unlock Vampire Wario, you can use the character in the versus mode against your enemies. The enemies are dreadful of the vampire Wario character, and that gives you an added advantage. In addition, the character is also ruthless when he attacks with

  • Metal Mario:

In other to unlock metal Mario and use him to compete in other modes of the game, you have to undergo a similar process stated in unlocking vampire Wario as you are also expected to finish the story mode without failing. You can always restart the game whenever you fail

The metal Mario is not as dreaded as the vampire Wario character but you may choose to unlock him to try out his metallic features and explore a different character with a different appearance.

  • Unlocking Additional Characters:

The Dr. Mario 64 game features other characters that appear impossible to unlock. Those other characters are not there for fancy. However, you can not use the unlockable characters in story mode, versus mode.

If you’re curious to know how to unlock the characters that seem impossible to unlock, the sad news is that you can’t unlock them. However, you can utilize those characters whenever you are using the multiplayer feature to play with friends or family.


In conclusion, we hope you enjoy this guide on how to reset the Dr. Mario 64 game and how to unlock characters in the game.

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