How To Unlock Knuckles In Sonic?

  • Discover how to locate knuckles in the “Sonic speed simulator” for free.
  • Lovers of the Sonic game can now unlock knuckles in Sonic by collecting memory tokens or locating the floating island in the game.

Sonic games have been in existence since the nineties while offering diverse genres of games such as sports games, racing, fighting, etc. The game was originally owned by a group of Japanese who launched the game in the 90s and has since created diverse games that have lasted over 3 decades.

The Sonic game came into existence to counter other game companies such as Nintendo-a leading video game company since the early nineties. Sonic has also been incorporated into animation movies, comic books, media, advertising outlets, retail outlets, etc.

Sonic games are widely accepted by virtually everyone because of their graphic design, storylines, adventures,  competitive status, and fast-paced system. 

The Sonic speed simulator game is an affiliate of the games created by Sonic and is widely loved because more than two persons can play the game online. Although the paid beta version was released in March 2022, the game was later released for free in April 2022 in other to gain more players.

The Sonic simulator game allows players to unlock diverse characters when they meet the game criteria and can unlock characters such as Tails, Amy, Knuckles, etc while playing the game.

The game is filled with loads of adventures, and you can compete with friends and families while upgrading your abilities in the game. In addition, players can also try out events in the game to receive diverse rewards that can be used to unlock characters like Knuckles.

How To Unlock Knuckles In Sonic Speed Simulator

You can now unlock knuckles in Sonic in 2022 irrespective of whether you are a newbie or an existing player of the Sonic speed simulator. It’s no news that Sonic games are now getting larger and constantly improving daily. 

The Sonic game constantly releases new updates to improve the game quality, and the recent updates include knuckles. Knuckles was introduced after an update in April 2022. He’s by far one of the rarest characters in the game while having multiple skins which are exciting to players.

Guide On How To Unlock Knuckles In Sonic

The following are procedures that you can use to unlock knuckles in 2022. 

  • Discover and unlock lost valley:

Before you can unlock Knuckles in Sonic, you are expected to play the game and unlock the third stage in the game. You can then find a unlock card in the third zone i.e you are required to pass the first zone which is the green hill zone, the emerald hill obby zone which is the second zone, and the emerald hill zone where you’ll find an unlock card waiting for you.

Unlocking knuckles does not end at reaching the third zone (emerald hill zone) in the Sonic game. You are required to follow the next step to learn how to unlock knuckles in Sonic

  • Soar Higher:

After you’re able to successfully make it to the third zone, you’ll be required to cross a small bridge, and crossing the bridge is easy, and even a baby can do it. Once you’re able to cross the bridge, you’ll see a small crooked tree whereby you’ll be tasked with climbing on the crooked tree while you wait at the left angle where you will then see a spring a few meters away from you.

Once you’ve been able to soar high enough in Emerald hill, you will then see on the right-hand side of your screen.

  • Locate the floating island:

Once you’ve been able to soar high on the emerald hill, you can activate your homing jump to land on the floating island. You can then unlock knuckles from this stage of the game. All that’s expected of you is to jump on the vending machine, activate a speed boost through the loop and you should head right for where you can unlock sonic.

  • Go faster:

Your speed boost should give you the right speed to keep going in the game, and you’ll then unlock Knuckles in the Sonic game. You can then proceed to activate knuckles and get him running when next you play the Sonic speed simulator game.  

In other to select knuckles after you’ve been able to successfully unlock the character, head over to the character menu, select knuckles as your preferred character, and get started.

In summary, unlocking knuckles in Sonic speed simulation does not get easier than that, and you should find the process simple if you follow the step-by-step guide above. The process is however breathtaking, and you are going to love it especially if you are a fan of adventures.

Additional Methods Of Unlocking Knuckles

The following are alternative methods that you can use to unlock knuckles in Sonic. 

  • Use Memory Tokens:

You can unlock knuckles and other characters in the Sonic game when you take advantage of the memory tokens. You are expected to have a minimum of 30 tokens before you can unlock a character like knuckles. 

You are not restricted from earning additional tokens after successfully unlocking a character like knuckles. You can view the status of your memory tokens on the map area in the game.

You can earn memory tokens in the game in some corners of the games, and some tokens can be found where you least expect, and can also be found amidst treasure chests.

Before you can start using the memory tokens to unlock the knuckles character, you have to first unlock the map in the game which shouldn’t be too stressful. You will then use the map to locate the nearest memory tokens next to you.

In conclusion, the Sonic simulator game is an interesting and addictive game for both old and young, and you can unlock diverse characters such as knuckles in the game when you discover the lost valley>climb higher> and go faster.

Alternatively, you can collect memory tokens in the game and use them to unlock knuckles in the Sonic game.

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