Pokemon Emerald Walkthrough

Pokemon is a popular game series that is loved and played by all age groups. Pokemon has a series of games that are adventurous for people to try out.

People who play the game often battle against a pokemon in the game that can be defeated by different features in the game such as using items like the PokeBall to weaken or kill the pokemon.

How To Play The Game?

You have to understand the basics of the game before you can start playing the Pokemon game such as understanding how your control pad works and how to catch a pokemon. Beginners are strongly advised to stay glued to this publication in other to learn how the pokemon game works. 

First, it’s important to understand the usage of every feature in the game in other to use it to your advantage;

  • Gamepad: 

Everyone knows what the gamepad is used for as it allows you to move your characters around in every direction of your choice. The buttons allow you to choose what sort of instructions you want your character to perform.  

  • B Button:

The B button is like the control Z (Ctrl+z) in a computer system. Because the B button allows you to undo your previous action and go back.

  • Start:

If you are new to mobile games, you will understand that the start button always pops out the main menu or sub-menu options in the game, and you can use the select button to select any item from the menu options.

  • L Button:

The L button serves as an alternative to the A button.

  • R button:

This button serves as an alternative to the D-pad button.

Starting The Pokemon Emerald Game

If you launch and start the pokemon game, you will see your status, name, and current level on the screen. You can also see the same pieces of information about your opponent on the screen, and what this means is that there is transparency between player>player or player>computer.

Once you understand the basics, you can get started with playing the game. Another important thing to note is that the name of the pokemon that you are up against is often the name of the level that you are battling. Always be on the lookout for the pokemon health status in other to know when you are winning in the game.

Once the game gets started, you will be required to start launching attacks at the pokemon you are facing, and you can choose from diverse attacks on the screen. You can also throw your bag during the fight. 

How To Catch The Pokemon?

Once you’ve understood the game basics, and how everything works, the next step will be to strategize how to catch the pokemon. Catching the pokemon is not difficult as you only need to weaken your pokemon to the minimum, and this can be achieved using the diverse forms of balls such as the PokeBall, great ball, master ball, ultra ball, nest ball, timer ball, premier ball, luxury ball, etc.

All of the aforementioned balls have diverse uses but are mainly used in catching the pokemon. Some of the balls catch the pokemon more effectively than others. For example, the Master ball is the most effective ball to use if you want to guarantee to catch a pokemon, the dive ball helps in catching the pokemon when you are swimming underwater, and the safari balls can be utilized whenever you find yourself in the safari zone.

Learning About The Pokemon

You can have a piece of in-depth knowledge about each pokemon you face in the pokemon emerald game. As a player, you should understand that every cut on your pokemon reduces their health status.

The pokemon sometimes behaves stupidly in the sense that it sometimes hit itself with its own attack. You can take advantage of the situation whenever this happens before the pokemon recovers and strikes again.

The pokemon may sometimes be in freeze mode where it won’t be able to make any move allowing you to strike with everything you have.

Continuous cuts on the pokemon body can paralyze the pokemon or reduces the pokemon speed.

You can use poisons against the pokemon which can be used to slowly decrease the pokemon health status. The pokemon health will decrease faster once poisoned, and the poison effects will not end after the battle unless the pokemon gets cured. You can know when the pokemon is poisoned when you start noticing an imbalance nature in the screen or when you see the screen flickering.

Aside from paralyzing the pokemon, you can also put the pokemon to sleep while you avert attacks or plan your attacks.

The pokemon will be out of energy and will no longer be able to continue the battle once the health status reaches 0.

Important Tips

You can note down the following tips while playing the Pokemon emerald game.

  1. Always have pokeballs in reserve in case of an emergency, or when you are close to losing the game.
  2. Shiny Pokemon are more difficult to weaken or kill.
  3. Ensure you are always healing whenever you have the chance.
  4. Aside from having pokeballs in reserve, you are expected to also have recovery items to help save you when needed and can keep you in the game.
  5. Be on the lookout for pokemon in every crook and corner.
  6. Save up your master ball for only when you are in a faceoff with a pokemon that is too difficult to kill.
  7. Helpful Items In the Pokemon Emerald Game
  8. The following items will keep you going in the pokemon emerald game;
  9. The antidote will help cure your pokemon of poison
  10. The awakening will help shake off sleep from your pokemon.
  11. Items such as berry juice, lemonade, hyper potion, fresh water, ether, Elixer, energy powder, and energy roots help heal the pokemon.
  12. The healing powder helps heal all types of conditions such as paralysis, etc.
  13. The x speed boosts the speed of your pokemon.
  14. The X defense improves your pokemon defense
  15. X accuracy, X attack helps increase the levels of attacks.

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