Super Mario 64 Cheats

  • You can use cheats to get more hats, make your character invisible, etc in the Super Mario 64 game.
  • Cheat codes such as 8033B21D 0064 give you unlimited lives in the super Mario 64 game.

The super Mario 64 game showcases a Japanese plumber who is on an adventure. The super Mario 64 game has cheats that you can use to make you pass the game stages faster. Cheats can also be referred to as tricks that can be used to bypass normal processes in the super Mario 64 game.

You can perform diverse tricks while playing the game such as increasing your health, making the game character immortal or immune to attacks, changing the character’s appearance, etc.

Super Mario 64 Cheats

Super Mario 64 cheats include;

  • Getting more hats:

While playing the Super Mario 64 game, a bird may hijack your character hat and you may not know what to do in other to retrieve it. You can retrieve your cap when you go to the sandy world in the super Mario 64 game. All that’s required for you is to visit any of the stars numbered, and wait for the cap theft to occur.

The next step will be to attack the bird but ensure you do not try to retrieve the cap from the bird in other to gain more caps. You may however choose to jump and attack the bird for as long as you want. The next step is to locate the palm tree that’s nearest to the pink bomb and ensure you warp the palm tree for as long as you want. 

Here’s the trick the more times you warp the palm tree, the more your chances of seeing more caps, and the game might stop working after you’ve been able to acquire more than 40 caps. The interesting part about this is that you may also choose to use these hats as a weapon against the enemy in the game.

  • Using 16 stars to end the game:

You can do the impossible by completing the super Mario 64 game using less than 16 stars. This is one of the best cheats you can try out on the super Mario 64 game, and all that’s required for you to achieve this purpose is to first ensure that you keep playing the game and keep leveling up until you face off with Dark world.

Defeating Dark world will give you 15 stars, while you then proceed to capture the rabbit named MIPS. In other for this trick to work, ensure you avert collecting the MIPS star in other not to have stars greater than 16. Then proceed to put the rabbit in a corner, press and hold Z to stoop low, then focus your attention on the rabbit and put him in a corner opposite from the corner where you had him in the first place. 

Proceed to go through the door beside the corner where you placed MIPS, then grab and place the rabbit next to the 30-star door. You can then hold down the Z button while you Sprint around the door corners where you’ll get to complete the level and unlock the browser in the fire sea. Then proceed to try the level again, but do not complete it again. Taking a break and exiting the stage will allow you to use the doors to access higher levels where you can get more stars.

You can get over the 50-star door when you perform a long jump back while tapping on the A button nonstop. Following the process correctly will catapult you through the next door, and into an upper area. The next step will be to access the door where you’ll be required to have a specified amount of stars before you can proceed, where having fewer stars will put you in jeopardy. Doing it right will shoot you across the final level where you can compete and end the game, and all of this is achievable with less than 16 stars.

How To Unlock Healing In the Super Mario 64 Game

Playing the super Mario 64 game puts you at risk of getting attacked by diverse characters, and you may not be able to complete a stage or level up when you have low energy in you. The trick to having more health is to locate the nearest water to you and jump into it. Doing so will restore your lost energy while leaving you charged to proceed with playing the game.

How To Gain Extra Coins

Coins are used to make in-app purchases in the Super Mario 64 game. You need coins to improve your health status or buy items that can help you progress in the game. You can thus earn extra coins by locating any post whenever you are playing the game.

Ensure you circle the post five consecutive times and you will receive extra coins automatically. Do note that you can use this method at any level or stage you find yourself accumulating more coins.

How To Gain More Lives

The total number of life you have in the super Mario game often determines how far you can go while playing the game. More life gives you the chance of trying out a difficult stage multiple times, and you can earn more life when you get to level 6.

Access the hazy maze and keep looking around until you see a red brick block. In the red brick lies a mushroom that you are expected to grab and use to run around the corners in circles. Do not stop running even when you see moles coming out of their holes, your non-stop running will kill them all while you gain more lives.

Important Cheat Codes in the Super Mario 64 Game

You can use the following cheat codes in the super Mario game to scale through the game easily. The following cheat codes are considered important in helping a player pass through difficult stages conveniently.

  • The 8133B032 56AB  cheat code causes an earthquake when needed, and you can utilize it when battling enemies.
  • You can use the A11C0552 FFFF cheat code to make the trees invisible.
  • If you ever want to have unlimited lives, simply use the 8033B21D 0064 cheat code.
  • If you’re trying to hide away from enemies, use the 8033B221 0000  cheat code.

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